Master Keys provide one key access to multiple secured areas, Restricted Keys offer a listed restriction so no unauthorised copies of master keys can be made. This offers segregation and restriction of key access to certain locks for certain staff. Reduce stock theft – One Key for Managers, One for external contractors or low-level staff members. Master Key & Restricted Keys can include Padlocks for general security of miscellaneous purposes (Security Boom Gate/Yard Gates/Lockers/Retail Security Shutters & Screens).


Whatever premises you occupy, the ability to control who ever have access and when is paramount to your security needs. An access control system allows for the free flow of authorized personnel, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors.

At AV Locksmiths we have a comprehensive range of access control solutions including electronic solutions (both wired & wireless), high security master systems and commercial grade door furniture. We can ensure that whatever you need your access control is adequate for the level of security required.


We can Supply new safes for specific purpose – Fire Resistant Document / Digital Data Storage Safes, Petty Cash Storage, Floor Safes, Restricted Chemical Storage Cabinets.
Unlock locked safes, Change Safe Combination, Moving/Transport and Installation of safe and vault solutions.

Anti-Bump Locks

We offer Bump-resistant locks for commercial applications where security may be at risk of lock-picking or “bumping”. Lock bumping is now more of a security issue in Australia. DC1 unique Anti- bump pin design gives you peace of mind. For added security the complexity of the design in the DC 1 key broach makes it extremely difficult to pick & gives you peace of mind that your keys cannot be copied by unauthorized users the key design is protected by Australian & New Zealand law.

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